It’s about damn time to give you some updates about my whereabouts and activities at the moment, after over 2 months of silence.
In May, the radio station that gave me the opportunity to discover and develop my musical talent, went bankrupt. I’m so thankfull for the chance that I got and the years that they supported my work. I wouldn’t be where I am right now without Wild FM.
However, an investment group took over the station, but I won’t be involved anymore; it’s time to move on and explore other opportunities. I enjoyed a long holiday and now I’m ready to start with my new challenge.

From now on, I will focus more on own productions and remixes. Besides that, I will join the Turning Records team and support them as PR manager. For more information, check out the website!

For the Wild Weekendmix fans: don’t worry! For Turning Records TV, I will make a new mix every month with the best and newest hits like you’re used to!

Thanks for your support!